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Habanero and Jack is HOTTER! In their quest for the perfect hot sauce with a distinctive flavor to fire up their vittles, the old folks of Lynchburg realized a blend of hot peppers and local Tennessee whiskey was the answer. Our family is proud of this delicious hot sauce that's great on sandwiches, meats, seafood, pizza, omelets and in chili, soups and sauces.


All Historic Lynchburg Products ingredients include Jack Daniel's Black Label Whiskey

Habanero & Jack is HOTTER!

Product Details:
Product Weight: 0.31 pounds
Package Length: 7.9 inches
Package Width: 2.6 inches
Package Height: 2.2 inches
Package Weight: 1.15 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 5 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 5 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5Good tasting sauce with some fairly strong heatSep 30, 2009
By Chris Baker
This sauce is indeed fairly hot, but it's more about the flavor with this one. I went to sample some with crackers and just kept adding more and more with each cracker. Before I knew it I was 1/4 of the way through the bottle just trying to sample it for flavor. The primary flavor is the habaneros with just enough seasonings to make it interesting.

The bottle says it is also 151 proof, and Jack Daniels black Label Whiskey is listed on the ingredients list. The endorphine rush from the heat plus the kick from a shot of whiskey is rather nice in my opinion.

I would definitely buy this sauce again.

5tastyJan 08, 2011
By tn tennessee
This is the best tasting hot sauce ever, yes hot sauce with a flavor ,my first bottle of this sauce came from a VERY VERY good friend when I found out what grocery store it came from i bought all they had now they tell me they cant get it anymore :( so where do i go? Amazon , but shipping for 2 bottles of this fine hot sauce is more than the sauce its self ,

By Coraly Serrano "Coraly"
This is by far the best hot sauce ever! Im picky, but i stock up on this stuff when i can. It's not that easy to find, but I love it!

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3Habenaro? Not according to the labelMar 01, 2012
By Martin
While the taste is good, the heat is not there. Unfortunately, I didn't read the label before I got it. I assumed that it was a habanero-based sauce going from their label. With the first taste, I grabbed the bottle and looked at the ingredients...NO habanero peppers. "Ingredients: Red ripe Jalapeno peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, spices and Jack Daniel's Black Label Whiskey."

Really? REALLY? Change your label to "Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Jalapeno Hot Sauce."

Some people are looking for more heat. No reason to lie to people, Lynchburg Merchandise Company.

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4Good GiftJan 12, 2009
By Amazon Customer "k2"
I gave this as a gift to a friend of mine who loves hot sauce. I would consider him an expert. He seemed to like it alot. Would give it a 5 but since I haven't actually tasted it I'll give it a 4.

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